About Mirascan

MiraScan is a technical product line developed by Miraway Technology Solution


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In the storm of technological advancements, we find QR Code to be an extremely efficient and easy-to-use application for users of mobile devices. Simply by scanning the QR Code, users can quickly and accurately access the right utilities for their current needs. Therefore, in the future, we want to become a leading expert on providing integrated QR Code solutions and services such as: QR Code Marketing, anti-counterfeiting QR Code, etc.


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With the aim of becoming the best IT company in Vietnam, we adhere to global standards and are committed to providing quality products and services to help our clients achieve their goals.

Meet the Team

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We are a group of young and enthusiastic individuals with a shared passion for QR Code application, working under the leadership of Miraway’s management team, who have had experience studying and working abroad for many years in the US, France, Germany, Australia, etc. We — people who are keenly interested in technology — desire to simplify technology so that it can bring more benefits to society.

To our valued customers, Mirascan always practice a policy of honesty, integrity, and companionship on the path of our mutual development.