qr code solution


  • Provide QR Code solutions
  • Deliver the best experience and highest level of customer satisfaction
  • Solve business and management problems


Utilize all print media to interact with customers on each and every product, deliver exciting experiences with innovative and limitless Marketing content that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

  • A perfect match for Mobile Marketing trend
  • Easy to use and set up
  • Low cost

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UNIQUE VERIFICATION CODE on each product is directly linked to cloud data through a dynamic QR Code - this method not only creates a perfect solution to fight counterfeiting but also supports Marketing activities by instilling trust in your customers and helping them make the decision to buy your products in 3 simple steps:

  • Scratch off the silver layer to reveal verification code
  • Scan QR Code and input verification code (automatically)
  • Confirm the authenticity of product

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The stock-taking task is now fulfilled more accurately with less time, manpower, and financial resources, thereby helping your company optimize management and protection of fixed assets through just ONE simple act: scanning.

  • Unlimited implementation regardless of asset size
  • Maximimum prevention of property loss and fraudulent activities
  • Minimize costs

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Applications of QR Code

  • QR Code Name Card

    Convenient, easy to use, provide complete and unlimited name card information

  • QR Code Data Retrieval

    Quickly retrieve information to verify origin of product

  • QR Code Reading

    A virtual library in your pocket that is as good as the real one, read at your convenience

  • QR Code Order

    Quickly and accurately order your favorite meal

  • QR Code Coupon

    Receiving discount vouchers has never been this fun, always stay up-to-date and accurate

  • QR Code Rental

    A fuss-free, time-saving way to rent

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